Spring 2018: Submissions OPEN March 1

Our emphasis is on literature that explores the mysteries of childhood experience, the wonder of adult reflection, and how the two connect over a lifespan. Take look through some of our online essays to get a feel for what we publish.

We are committed to publishing narratives steeped in reverence for childhood experience and perceptions, but we seek essays that stretch beyond the clichés of childhood as simple, angelic, or easy. We want to feature writing that layers the events of the writer’s early years with a sense of wisdom or learning accumulated in adult life.

We welcome diverse creative nonfiction pieces that demonstrate perceptive and revealing moments about the human condition.

We will not consider trite, light narratives; genre nonfiction; critical analyses; inspirational or motivational advice; erotica or pornography; or any writing that purposefully exploits or demeans.

We encourage established, unpublished, or emerging writers to submit their best work to Longridge Review.

We will consider one creative nonfiction piece (up to 3,500 words) per submission period. Please do not submit more than once during the reading period. Individual authors will not be published more than once per calendar year. The deadline is midnight EST April 1, and there is a $3.00 fee.

Visit our full submission guidelines here: https://longridgereview.com/submit/


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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth, for explaining the new policy regarding a submission fee. I have read recent essays and enjoyed them very much. Best wishes to you as you move forward with your excellent work. I was looking forward to sending a piece that seems perfectly matched to your vision for the journal. However, to pay the fee to have my essay considered for a nonpaying online journal seems unfair to the work and my hopes for it. I know you understand this disappointment and realize this was a difficult decision for you. I am a writer and copyeditor in Oklahoma and hope you will keep me posted on any future changes to this policy.

    • Sandy, I do understand. Perhaps other entities have trust funds or commercial contracts or associations with universities or something that allows them to pay writers. We do not. We are the little guys. My goal is, long-term, to find a way to do this. Building a new thing is a long road. Thank you for your kind and constructive comment.

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