Creative Nonfiction

#26, Spring 2023

Alan Caldwell, Gravel
Melissa Greenwood, Colored Pencils
Summer Hammond, Pulling Away
Linda Petrucelli, Imaginary Friend
Ryan Walker, Five
Melissent Zumwalt, Games of Chance

#25, Winter 2022-23

John Backman, My Short and Tragic Tap Dancing Career
Melissa Greenwood, Help, Please!
James Morena, Descended into the Carnage
Rina Palumbo, Asthma
Mike Wilson, My Bike

#24, Fall 2022

Winner, 2022 The Anne C. Barnhill Prize for Creative Nonfiction
Shana Ross, Story with Dog 

Emily Choate, Field Day, 1990
Wendy Fontaine, Game of Life

M Tamara Cutler, Michigan: A Divorce Story
Rachel Laverdiere, Everything Leads Back to Where It Starts
Zachary Ostraff, Chasing That Pig

#23, Early Fall 2022

Brad Gibault, Uncle Monty
Tara Guy, Broken Bread
Anita Kestin, Chatham

#22, Spring 2022

Catherine Con, Mangifera Indica
Brad Gibault, The Myth of Pat
Mark Lucius, When You Wish Upon a Star
Beverley Stevens, A Proper Sunday Lunch
Marianne Worthington, Young and Red-headed

#21, Winter 2021-22

Wendy Fontaine, Green Pepper Standoff
Garry Howze, Learn Your Letters 
Ann Kathryn Kelly, Propped
Dana Shavin, All You Can't Eat
Catherine Stratton, Our Secret
Melissent Zumwalt, The Swing Set

#20, The Barnhill Prize 2021

Winner, 2021 The Anne C. Barnhill Prize for Creative Nonfiction

Beatrice Y. Motamedi, How to Make Jeweled Rice (Shirin Polo)


Anita Cabrera, The Benefit of Others
Frances Thomas, Learning Shame 


Catherine Con, Fueillemort
Carroll Grossman, Handlebar Ride
Douglas Imbrogno, The Egg
Lina Lau, Good Girl
Paulina Pinsky, Other Mother

#19, Spring 2021

d. e. fulford, 1992-1996
Diane Gottlieb, Deadman's Float
Linda Jordan, Boyhood in 3 Parts
Marie Manilla, Sasquatch
Anna Oberg, Thundersnow
Virginia Watts, Sleds

#18, Winter 2020-21

Miriam Glassman, The Bibliosquatter
Therése Halscheid, Incident
Kent Jacobson, What She Didn't Say
Janine Kovac, Breaking Character
Sharon Waters, Straight Hair Be Damned
Hannah Williams, Ring and Rabbit

#17, The Barnhill Prize 2020

Winner, 2020  The Anne C. Barnhill Prize for Creative Nonfiction

Marsha Lynn Smith, 4 Generations of Black Hair Matters 
Desi Allevato, Compartment Syndrome 
Elana Margot, Big Blue 
Vanessa Remmers, A History of Butterflies 
Cheryl Skory Suma, If The Snow Never Melted 

#16, Spring 2020

Sarah Ahrens, Wonder Woman and The Wolf
Philip Arnold, The Miraculous Marvel of Lightning Eyes
Miriam Glassman, Baby Steps
Brendan Shea, Phillip's Burial
Brenna Sowder, Breathing Lessons

#15, Winter 2019-20

Wendy Fontaine, Bouncing in Place
Billie Hinton, Places I Went with My Dad
Stephen J. Lyons, Young Chicago Boy Talks to God
Amie McGraham, Silent Spring
Amy Miller, On Stevens Creek
Charlotte Roth, Rings and Witches

#14, The Barnhill Prize 2019 

Winner, 2019 
The Anne C. Barnhill Prize for Creative Nonfiction
Mary J. Mahoney, Suburbs Plagued by Foraging Deer

Neema Avashia, A Hindu Hillbilly Elegy
Rochelle Harris Cox, North Georgia Gothic
Dorian Fox, The Fence
Jenna Korsmo, Sister Cats
Jessica Langlois, Ways to Die in Alabama
Elizabeth Lantz, The Imaginary Writer
Elizabeth Muller, Revival of The Fittest
Lisa López Smith, Turning 37
Laura Stanfill, Birdsong in The Key of Brain Injury

#13, Winter 2018-19

John JacobsonEight-Millimeter Film
Stephen LottridgeWhat’s the Point of Rabbits?
Tracy LineTraversing Icy Roads
Virginia PetrucciWho Is Ben?
Dana VanderLugtThe Orchard

#12, Fall 2018

Christopher CascioKid
Heidi Davidson-DrexelYour Boss
Aliza DubeLoved to Death
David McVeyOn the Wonder of the World
Anne NoonanStink Tree
Joan PotterDo You Think of Yourself as Jewish?
Lisa RizzoSnowsuit Prisoners
Nikki SambitskyPenny Drop

#11, Spring/Summer 2018

Luanne CastleThe Secret Kotex Club
Sam ChiarelliWhen the Leaves Forget to Be Green
Ginger DehlingerClouds from Up and Down
Elizabeth KerlikowskePortrait of My Mother in Black and White
Risa NyeVisions of LaDonna
Scott PetersonCars: An Unrequited Love Story

#10, Winter 2017-18

Melissa MeskuIn All Caps
Heather PegasFree Range
Dorothy RiceProm and Other Fairy Tales
Nora SeilheimerBack into Movement
Paulette ZanderDominoes and Biscuits

#9, Fall 2017

Gina FerraraVictims or Others?
Andy HarperHow to Be on Time
Anne MuccinoSepia
Jonathan SonnenbergShooting Stars
Victoria WaddleA Bowl Full of Jelly
Teige WeidnerSentence Enhancers

#8, Summer 2017

Mary GustafsonThe Price of Hunger
Whitney MackmanDavid Duchovny, I Know You Could Love Me
Amy MillerCigarettes: It’s What’s for Dinner
Joey Nicoletti, Extinction Wednesday
Jody PeltasonThe Third Strongest Girl in the Third Grade
William ReichardA Burning Man
Natalie RodriguezThe Permission of Alcohol 

#7, Spring 2017

Abby BurnsUninvited Hauntings
Michael ChinThe Bionic Elbow
Minna DubinCloser to Her
Susan GrantThe Gate
Amanda KayThe Weight of Smoke
Gleah PowersThe Three Times I Saw My Father
Helen, RuggieriThe Introvert’s Survival Guide
Gretchen UhrinekDan

#6, Winter 2016-17

Sarah BighamThe Drill
Ann FisherMajor, Minor
Michelle KendallButterball
Kate E LoreThe Go-Cart
Sheila Luna, The Lipstick Helps
Michelle McMillan-Holifield, After the Fire
Jere PfisterThe River

#5, Fall 2016

Emma BoldenThe Shalt Nots
Jan Charone-SossinThe Day Chatty Cathy Stopped Talking
Nadia GreasleyThe Map of  France
Mary GustafsonTime Stops
Therése HalscheidWe All Fall Down
Angela LushThe Shears
Melinda RenkinLast Night I Found Your Headstone
Nancy WickThe Big Lie

#4, Summer 2016

Gregory Fletcher, manhood, /ˈmanˌho͝od/, noun
Rich H. Kenney, Jr.Sink or Swim
Karen McDermottDoll Blanket
Mariana McDonaldThe Snake
J.R. TappendenHeritage Pass
Bobby WilsonThat Good Hair

#3, Spring 2016

Rebecca ChekourasJuly 11
Ryan C. DailyHome/Life
Janet Garber, A Closet of One’s Own
Tom LinGodzilla
Ana Christina PetersWar
Emily Rems,  Extra Help
Allison Spector,  The Bucket Boys 
Margaret Redmond WhiteheadOver the Limit

#2, Winter 2015-16

Daniel BlokhListen
Vincent J. FitzgeraldThanksgiving Mourning
Trista Hurley-WaxaliA Steady Application
Kara KnickerbockerThe Mark I Left
Jane Rosenberg LaForgeThe Egg

#1, Fall 2015

Faith GongWithin an Inch of My Life
Patricia HopperTemple Bar
Connie KinseyMarybelle
Susan KrakoffThe Space in Between
Jeremy PadenDoubt Matters
Amy SpragueBeauty Walks a Razor’s Edge

Launch Issue

Douglas ImbrognoHappy Again
Margaret Ward McClainThe Simons House
Jeremy Dae PadenThis World Is Not My Home