Longridge Review is an evolution of the Essays on Childhood project.

Our mission is to present the finest essays on the mysteries of childhood experience, the wonder of adult reflection, and how the two connect over a lifespan.

We are committed to publishing narratives steeped in reverence for childhood perceptions, but we seek essays that stretch beyond the clichés of childhood as simple, angelic, or easy. We feature writing that layers the events of the writer’s early years with learning or wisdom accumulated in adult life.

We welcome diverse creative nonfiction pieces that depict revealing moments about the human condition.

A note about money: Paying writers for their work is an important and sensitive issue. Our editorial staff is made up of writers and editors, and we understand that some who might otherwise send us their work will not do so if we cannot pay them for that work.

Longridge Review does not accept advertising. Our editors have donated their time and dollars to cover all costs associated with LR through 10 issues, and only with Issue 11 will we implement a small submission fee to cover the cost of our Submittable platform. If this changes, we will surely make a big to-do about it and let you know.

We look forward to reading your work!

Founder and Editor: Elizabeth Gaucher, Virginia

Contributing Editors: Molly Young Maass, District of Columbia; Beth Newman, North Carolina; Mary Heather Noble, Vermont; Semein Washington, Virginia; Crystal Good, West Virginia.

Creative Advisor and Muse: Suzanne Farrell Smith, Connecticut