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Creative Nonfiction, #8 Summer 2017

Mary Gustafson, The Price of Hunger

Whitney Mackman, David Duchovny, I Know You Could Love Me

Amy Miller, Cigarettes: It’s What’s for Dinner

Joey Nicoletti, Extinction Wednesday

Jody Peltason, The Third Strongest Girl in the Third Grade

William Reichard, A Burning Man

Natalie Rodriguez, The Permission of Alcohol

Creative Nonfiction, #7 Spring 2017

Abby Burns, Uninvited Hauntings

Michael Chin, The Bionic Elbow

Minna Dubin, Closer to Her

Susan Grant, The Gate

Amanda Kay, The Weight of Smoke

Gleah Powers, The Three Times I Saw My Father

Helen Ruggieri, The Introvert’s Survival Guide

Gretchen Uhrinek, Dan

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  • Submissions are now CLOSED for Fall 2017.
  • We are pleased to offer a bonus issue in June, Creative Nonfiction, #8 Summer 2017. Issues 7 and 8 will be featured into the Fall.
  • Longridge Review essayist Kara Knickerbocker has a new website as well as a new book. Next to Everything That Is Breakable is now available for pre-order from Finishing Line Press, described as “…a brilliant debut, blackberried and full…a book about growing up, about the pain of distance, inked with stamps, charging forward like a train that never stops. ” Visit her new site at https://karaknickerbocker.com, and read her LR essay, The Mark I Left.
  • Nonfiction editor, Nina Gaby, recently had this exchange with Elizabeth Gaucher. Gaucher is the author of “Dialing the Dark,” an essay featured in The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2017 anthology. Read on for our editor’s take on childhood memories, processing loss, and the complex task of naming evil.
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Miniature Map #5 (Christmas Downtown LA)
Miniature Map #5 Downtown LA ©Toti O’Brien