Jesse Corlis, “Capitol St. Memories” –  April 2017 – Acrylic on brick*


Issue #10, Winter 2017-18

Melissa Mesku, In All Caps
Heather Pegas, Free Range
Nora Seilheimer, Back into Movement

Paulette Zander, Dominoes and Biscuits

Featured Artist

Jesse Corlis


  • Submissions for our Spring issue will open March 1, 2018.
    • Please note two important changes to our submission requirements:
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      • Explanations for these changes are outlined on our blog, and can be accessed here: Changes in 2018.
      • We will open submissions again in the Fall. Spend your summer writing and we hope to read your work for Issue #12!
  • A big thanks to our guest editor for Issue #10, Peter Tavernise. Peter is kind of a big deal with a little company out in California, but we asked for his help due to his all-around coolness. He has a BA in English and an MA in Humanities, a family that loves the arts, and he’s been a friend for a long time. Thank you, Peter!
  • Suzanne Farrell Smith’s true-crime story, “Department of Penitence,” in which she is the criminal, was published in the latest issue of The Offbeat from Michigan State University. She also has an essay called “Big Boy Steps” on invisible disabilities in Issue 229 of Crack the Spine.
  • Elizabeth Gaucher was tapped by #WVWCMFA as one of six alumni “spotlight” profiles for her development of Longridge Review.
    • “Operating Longridge Review is the most rewarding and satisfying creative endeavor of my life, and it would not be possible without my WVWC MFA experience. That experience is a tapestry of threads: working with accomplished writers; learning how to give and receive constructive feedback; understanding the nuts and bolts of craft; being encouraged to submit my own work for publication; and, perhaps most importantly, becoming a member of a community of writers who practice supporting one another.”
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Jesse Corlis, January 2018 –  Acrylic on drywall**

* Celebrating the history of the building on Capitol Street in Charleston, WV, and the city’s transit system, this mural is an imagined scene that one might have witnessed standing on that very corner in the 1910s . I did some research and found some photos from the period that allowed me to incorporate some accurate historical references, including the old bank clock that’s long since gone. There are a number of details, but the main spirit of the piece was to try to capture the feeling of a moment in time as a memory as opposed to a photo or illustration. I used this concept in the “Sadd Bros. Store” mural and I will in the Silver Bridge commemorative mural I’m set to begin this Spring in Point Pleasant.

** Though nearly life-size, this is a detail from the Gonzoburger “Sadd Bros Store” mural in Charleston, WV. Based on a couple of photos of blues legend Lead Belly, this solemn but content guitarist greets the restaurant guests as they depart the restrooms.