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Creative Nonfiction, #13 Winter 2018-19

Virginia Petrucci, Who Is Ben?
Dana VanderLugt, The Orchard

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M. Randal O’Wain to judge 1st Barnhill Prize contest

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“We often speak about place in the writing world. About how vital it is to preserve essences of our home worlds, our life experiences both past and present, how that assists in preparing for and appreciating a future. Much of the concept of place is a memory-dependent act. A sensual act. An act indwelled of mind, body, and spirit. Place can be a hard thing to locate. To describe. To conjure upon the page. Simple at a glance, varied and challenging from one writer to another.”



Submissions open June 1 and close July 31, 2019, for the

Anne C. Barnhill Prize for Creative Nonfiction

  • Bucknell University Press will publish Suzanne Farrell Smith’s memoir, The Memory Sessions, in August 2019. We are sure you want to pre-order this book! Look for some blogging here about the book over the next few months, but in the meantime, get ready for something really different and vital to writing about childhood:

Suzanne Farrell Smith’s father was killed by a drunk driver when she was six, and a devastating fire nearly destroyed her house when she was eight. She remembers those two—and only those two—events from her first nearly twelve years of life. While her three older sisters hold on to rich and rewarding memories of their father, Smith recalls nothing of him. Her entire childhood was, seemingly, erased. In The Memory Sessions, Smith attempts to excavate lost childhood memories.

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