Shortening Submission Period to April 3, 2020

Dear Friends —

I started to say I am writing to you from my garret, but then that makes it sound dismal. It’s not. The lights are on, the dog is sleeping, the family is all home. We are doing pretty well all things considered in this time of The Unknown.

I hope you are healthy and safe.

I’ve decided to close this submission period a month early. If you have something to send, by all means send away until April 3.

Longridge Review will publish our spring issue, and then regroup to prepare for the second annual #BarnhillPrize contest.

I hope this change won’t be too troubling to anyone. Many of us are making shifts in timelines and plans in light of the way life is changing every hour right now.

We are still here for you, our readers and writers. We’ve always had a virtual world of support, and that perhaps has never been more powerfully illustrated than right now.

Remember to connect where you can; I find Twitter to be an especially good medium for the #WritingCommunity. Click a heart for a writer’s tweet you like. RT an outstanding #essay or #LitMag. Build lists for yourself of online resources that encourage your writing life and help you feel part of something bigger than yourself. Check out some of our Twitter lists for inspiration and leads.

Stay Positive.

Stay Focused.

Stay in Touch.

Stay Home — for now.

And Write On!

Elizabeth Gaucher
Longridge Review

Twitter: @LongridgeReview

Art ©Melissa Doty

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