Sharon Lyn Stackpole

“The Journey of Life, An Open Road” watercolor and ink — Sharon Lyn Stackpole


Sharon Lyn Stackpole studied painting and art history at West Virginia University under the tutelage of the renowned professor and art historian Marian Hollinger.

She is an affiliate member of the Global Art Agency in London and has exhibited in San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Barcelona and Tokyo. In January 2015 her artwork was auctioned in a charity gala benefiting Doctors Without Borders at the Blenheim Palace through the GAA.

Her work is about art as a means of visual communication and healing through expression. Learn more about Sharon Lyn’s gorgeous work on her website, Sharon Lyn dot com

SharonStackpole“An artist is someone who enjoys looking at the world through her own eyes, not someone else’s. Artists grant themselves the right to feel what they feel, when they feel it. And then they can turn it into something compellingly beautiful — if they so choose. Everything in life, from the said quality to the outcome, it’s all choice. You know it’s so.

My work is very expressive and descriptive. I use a visual vocabulary to express the narrative of living. My theory is that if I’ve experienced it someone else has; if I express it, someone else may understand and thus feel less alone. That’s what I want my work to be about.”


“Conversation with Annie” ink and coffee on cold press — Sharon Lyn Stackpole