Sharon Lyn Stackpole (2)


The pieces featured in this issue of Longridge Review are all produced on a Samsung Galaxy S9+, using a finger and occasionally the Photo Lab app. Full stop.

It’s moments like this where I am mystified and grateful and baffled by the good fortune that allows my life to intersect with Sharon Lyn’s. She is a brilliant woman, and her humility in her brilliance just leaves me even more in that jaw-dropped state of simply being thankful for knowing her. Enjoy!



“My artwork is a means of visual communication and healing through expression, with focus on many medias. My theoretical orientation in counseling is CBT. 

I transitioned into the digital medium within the last two years at the same time that I started grad school. I had less studio time (and space) and working digitally was, honestly, a way for me to be resourceful with both time and money. I have always relied on art as a way to regulate my emotions, and felt curious to learn the skills necessary to navigate this medium. I taught myself. This practice of digital  synthesis became a concurrent stress reliever as I pursued my master’s in CMHC. I chose these particular images because they best illustrate to me the most successful fusion of memory and emotion. Most of my artworks are about an experience or emotion I relate to or feel strongly about. It’s my feeling that images can be at times more universal than words- words can be translated and change meaning across languages, but images can resonate across geographies. I try to express that to try to create and build the communication and sense of connection, which I feel is needed more than ever in 2021.”

I have difficulty creating titles or signing my pieces. This is in part me wanting to disappear from the piece and leave the image as a bridge for the viewer. The less I’m involved after I create it the better- the viewer is free to draw their own inferences from what they see without my perspective. — Sharon Lyn Stackpole

Sharon Lyn Stackpole is a clinical mental counseling intern at Marshall University with an expressive arts background. She earned her undergraduate degree from West Virginia State University and will graduate with an MA in CMHC from Marshall University in spring 2022.

She is a member of the Allied Artists of West Virginia, American Art Therapy Association, Associated for Creativity in Counseling, WV Association for Play Therapy, and a campus ambassador for the American Psychological Association.
She also studied painting and art history at West Virginia University and Fairmont State University. She is an affiliate member of the Global Art Agency in London and have exhibited in San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Barcelona, Tokyo and Macedonia.

All images ©Sharon Lyn Stackpole.