Sarah C. B. Guthrie

Sarah has been my friend for 30 years. When I launched Longridge Review in March 2015, she was our first artist. Her work has evolved and so has our journal. I am so grateful for her friendship and for her graciously allowing me to feature her work again; having her back seemed fitting along with a new “first,” the first Barnhill Prize. Please enjoy Sarah’s brilliant, joyful paintings. As of this moment, they are all available for her purchase on her website, as are many others!


“As an artist, I have spent twenty years learning what it takes, staying up late, waking up early, to answer this question—how do I make someone come alive when they look at one of my works? So many people are stressed by life’s pressures and my work is designed to delight, restore, and energize you so you can better manage what’s in front of you.”

Sarah C. B. Guthrie

Imagination into Hope | Green Pink Purple © Sarah C. B. Guthrie

Sarah C.B. Guthrie, MFA, MA, is a Seattle-based, full-time professional Artist and Artist Coach, and Artists Mastermind Group Facilitator, with over 20 years experience in communications, including facilitation, coaching, storytelling, marketing, performance management, public speaking, social media, and design. She specializes in creativity, accountability, and business coaching for artists. 

She is a Certified Innovation Facilitator by The Creative Problem Solving Group; a certified Development Dimension International (DDI) customer service trainer; and completed Training Resources Groups’ facilitator training. 

Sarah’s paintings are colorful abstracts and landscapes that evoke joy. Since 2017, she has been painting a series, What 3 Colors Bring You Joy?, and in 2018, she completed a painting a day challenge. In 2019, she was juried into the prestigious Women Painters of Washington.

You can find her work on her website,

Sweet Little Scenes | Blue Green Purple © Sarah C. B. Guthrie

The gallery of three paintings above is made up of (large image left) A Glow | Green Red Yellow; (top right) The Peony Burst | Pink Orange White; (bottom right) Greek Orange Grover. All images © Sarah C. B. Guthrie.