Peter Tavernise

Petrified Fern © Peter Tavernise


Peter is an English Major from Davidson College, who currently lives in San Jose, CA, with his family and a small grey alien who claims to be a cat.

He has never been without a sketchbook, but has recently become more disciplined about drawing every day. This series of images are part of that new body of work, which is still unfolding.


PTavernise“My process lineage is rooted in Herb Jackson‘s instruction and group critiques, and his lived example of creative seeing, for which I am eternally grateful.

The pieces featured in this issue of Longridge Review are all digital artwork produced on iPad Pro, using Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. 2018.




Phoenix © Peter Tavernise
Harvest © Peter Tavernise
Form is Emptiness © Peter Tavernise
Spin Forces © Peter Tavernise









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