Melissa Doty

I am thrilled to share the art of my childhood friend, Melissa Doty, for this issue of Longridge Review. From bold to gentle lines, from bright to dark and in between, Mel’s work vibrates with life. Enjoy the few pieces shared here, and then visit her website,, and all her socials! — EDG

Big bold floral | © Melissa Doty

“I try to create something every day. It connects me to others in ways I could not have foreseen, and I think that has been the best part of (finally) living a creative, genuine life.

Melissa Doty

Mel has had pen in hand and been a near-constant doodler for over 40 years now, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she began to draw or paint – most days – with intention. “Is it cliché to say that I’ve always dreamed of being an artist? Probably, but that’s my story. Fear of failure held me back. But then:  watercolors! I was immediately hooked by their finicky magic and could not put the paintbrush down.”

She is self-taught and currently spends each day in her basement studio making up for lost time. The majority of her work is watercolor and acryla gouache, but she wants to try it all! At the moment, she is working on bold, graphicky florals and geometric patterns, with the occasional West Virginia landscape for good measure.

Check out her stunning Instagram account for art, news, tutorials, commissions, and more:

Left, fading spheres; Top right, White Rabbit; Bottom right, ornaments and small squares. All images © Melissa Doty

Interstate Pier, Charleston WV | © Melissa Doty