Judith Podell

The Art of Isolation ©Judith Podell

Judith Podell is an abstract painter/writer living in a small town in Eastern Connecticut. She started writing a memoir in 2020 at the beginning of the Covid pandemic and hasn’t stopped yet. Her writing takes the form of short personal essays. 

Many years ago, Judy’s father-in-law decided to write his life’s story and asked her to provide feedback on his opus. She loved him dearly, but the writing itself was dreadful and rather than offend him, she declined and returned the manuscript saying she was too busy at work. She says the thought that she might inflict a similar punishment on an audience haunts her to this day.

Well, Judy needs to know that we are feeling far from punished by her glorious imagery! We are honored to feature her work in our #BarnhillPrize 2021 issue. Visit her website, Judith Podell Art, for more delightful paintings.



“When I paint I listen to music, a mixed playlist that includes my late husband’s favorites: old-style country-western like George Jones, gravel-voiced Leon Redbone, and moody, contemporary singers like Andrew Bird, and step back into memories of childhood, of friendships, of my life as a wife and mother, of years as a “road warrior” and the people I met along the way. These memories guide my brush as I am absorbed in line and mark, color and shape.  

You can get lost in painting. Time disappears, you let go of intention and simply do. It’s addictive, I become a bolder, stronger, more confident me.”

The paintings that emerge are very personal; they are the souvenirs of my life. I hope you enjoy them.

— Judith Podell

All images ©Judith Podell.