Eric Drzewianowski


Eric Drzewianowski started his book bindery in Portland, Maine. Much of his original inspiration came from the history of the city and the experience of living along the coast line.

dski design focuses on the hand made quality of books. Eric creates everything from hardbound small edition work to custom one-of-a-kind pieces.

(Here at Longridge Review we are especially fascinated with his tiny perfect book necklaces and Moleskine notebook covers.)

You can find Eric on all the usual social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in Maine, Massachusetts, or Vermont, you can still shop at his Etsy store and lust after his beautiful work on his blog.

“I craft custom whiskey tasting books, wedding guest books and albums, chapbooks, sailing logs . . . everything that can be bound as a book, I can do. I work with publishers, distilleries, individuals, a range of diverse clients. I use a lot of traditional lEricDeathers and waxed canvas, but also fish leather and flannel.

Recently my wife and I moved the bindery to Brandon, Vermont- trading the roughness of the ocean for the serenity of the woods and mountains.

I feel very lucky that I get do what I love full time. I realize I couldn’t do it with out the support of my amazing wife, family, friends, fellow makers and clients.”



Custom Guest Books for cottages on Long Island Maine by dski design