Elise Ostraff

Cactus in Bloom ©Elise Ostraff

I discovered Elise because I follow her writer/teacher spouse (a finalist for the #BarnhillPrize) on Twitter; her website is on his Twitter page. I am captivated by the organic colors and shapes in her layered arrangement of natural forms from plants and nature. And the magic of having a family presence in a single issue of Longridge Review was irresistible!

“When we were married in 2011, we realized that our most important critics were each other. We’ve come to depend upon one another in our artistic practices to bring insight, understanding, and a willingness to push each other to make more and better art.”

Elise and Zachary Ostraff

You can find Elise on the website she shares with her husband, Zachary: ostraffworks.com, and purchase some of her work (I did!): https://www.ostraffworks.com/available-for-purchase. Just tweet at Zach or fill out the contact form on their website for how-to.



“Whenever we take walks around our neighborhood my children gather things: leaves and sticks and abandoned treasures. I am fascinated with the gathering and organizing of things. I enjoy  the process of layering shape and color; creating new relationships between forms. Painting allows a space for me to log the shapes I have gathered. People have always participated in gathering, recording and telling our stories through these methods. My most recent series of work has been inspired by plants. Living with plants and observing plants and gathering plants.”

— Elise Ostraff

All images ©Elise Ostraff