Colleen Anderson

Puddle Reflection ©Colleen Anderson

Colleen Anderson is a writer, songwriter, and graphic designer in Charleston, West Virginia. Her writing has appeared in RedbookArts & Letters, The SunCarolina Quarterly, Antietam ReviewKestrel, and many other publications. Her songs have been featured on Mountain Stage and The Folk Sampler, and she has produced three collections of original songs: Fabulous RealitiesGoing Over Home, and Trail through the Trees. She is the author of a children’s chapter book, Missing: Mrs. Cornblossom, and a poetry chapbook, Bound Stone. For more information about these and her other passion, origami, visit her website:

Thoughts from the artist:

“I am not a trained photographer—far from it. These photos were taken with a little Canon PowerShot camera that is smaller than a deck of playing cards and probably less powerful than most mobile phones. But I am an avid observer, and I’m especially attracted to textures and colors. I have taken many, many pictures of rusted surfaces, reflections on water, leaves, flaking paint, sewer grates, the interiors of flowers, twisted vines, dead trees, and lichen on stones.

I am pleased when I can capture an ordinary subject from an unusual point of view—the underside of the Queen Anne’s Lace bloom, the ghost-image of wet leaves from beneath an umbrella, the reflection of a tree in a puddle with floating leaves. Sometimes a “mistake” creates a feeling. One of these images was snapped from the back seat of a moving car as I traveled through Ohio in autumn. I think the blurred landscape evokes a wistful emotion about time and loss.”


“Photography, for me, is a form of pure play. There are very few rules. When I’m working as a graphic designer, or when I’m writing a song or a poem, I tend to be aware of conventions and strictures, and to create with more focus on a purpose: the brochure should include readable text, the song should have a chorus. With a photograph, I ask only, do I like this?”

— Collen Anderson

Photo of Colleen by Rick Lee

All images ©Colleen Anderson