Christopher Cascio

Parisian Swan Lake ©Christopher Cascio

Christopher Cascio fascinated me from the first time I read his work, and yes, that’s right, he’s also a writer. We published his essay, Kid, in Issue 12 in the Fall of 2018. He is an entirely self-taught painter with a background in classical portraiture. “I started painting by studying the classical portraiture and techniques of the Flemish masters, which then developed into something different.” Chris works in all mixed media (mostly oil and acrylic and on occasion a little Plaster of Paris for texture), but also clayboard etching and graphite drawing. He says each piece he creates–written or otherwise–is “a recorded haunting.” I know I’ve never stopped thinking about Kid, so he must be right. You can find Chris on Twitter here: @ChrisJCascio.



“I treat visual art similarly to my writing–I don’t like to tell the audience what to feel or think. Rather, I engage with something that haunts me, and then I let the reader or viewer make their own connections with it. In this way, art objects become artifacts for the audience to investigate and draw in to their own personal worlds.”

— Christopher Cascio

All images ©Christopher Cascio.