Carlos Culbertson

Life and Death in the Southwest – Carlos Culbertson

Carlos Culbertson is a native West Virginian living in Saint Petersburg, Florida. He started loving Art when he was 8 years old. He creates original painting and murals, but he also is skilled in body paint, special effects, and scenic art.

Carlos says, “My definition of Scenic Art is the creation of props, scenery, backdrops, and environmental elements to create the illusion of a space for entertainment purposes. This can include anything from creating a haunted house to creating a Christmas town for a theme park.”

He uses acrylic paint and spray paint because they each dry rapidly and are easy to use.  He also favors reclaimed materials in most of his work.

carlospaints14“Acrylic paints can be manipulated in many ways and dry fast. Spray paint is so direct and applies over almost anything. I can achieve a look very quickly.

Using reclaimed materials helps the environment by creating Art instead of trash. I may paint on a nice new canvas or on the discarded window frame laying near a dumpster.

My biggest inspiration comes from my family and from my peers. Every person I know is unique and so original that it is hard not to find something inspiring in them.”

You can see more of Culbertson’s breath-taking work at Bloom Art Center and Gallerie 909 in Saint Petersburg. Contact him about his work via his website, Zulu Painter.

Acrylic on wood. Framed. Available. Prints available. — Carlos Culbertson